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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The worst fuck I ever had?

River and I were talking last night while I rubbed her back with oil. The topic of the worst fuck I ever had came up. And I told her my worst fuck or two have been with her, when she was non-participatory. Completely inert. Like fucking a blow-up doll. “I was never non-participatory!” “Yes, you were. A couple times when I said I’d do all the work.” Which means she gets to lie face down on the bed while I get hard and fuck her. “I remember saying after one of them that I think I know why some guys never called you back.” “Oh yeah. I remember. I suppose it’s fitting that I’ve been both your best and worst fucks.” “Easily the best.” It was a nice talk.


  1. Yeh, I've done that... Just lain there... Usually very tired though... A while back now... Probably more than a couple of times...

    1. It's my own fault for wanting it so bad and offering to do all the work. Sometimes I wish she'd make an offer like that :-)