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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


River was happy to be caught up on her homework and hinted that something might happen in the evening and advised me to be hydrated. I went to bed and read and eventually turned the light out. A half hour after going to bed I wonder where River is and find her upstairs studying. I must have made the wrong assumption. And I forgot, River doesn’t hint. Apparently she wanted to get some more studying in. I suggest she do it afterwards next time. We stay up talking about crap again.


  1. Man, all I did was talk your ear off on the phone today. Why didn't you tell me to shut up so we could have talked about this? :( xoooooooooox

    1. River and I had talked about it. She said I may feel squeezed out of her life of late, then surprised me by saying it was true. And she'll try to be better about things. I'll try to be better, and more tolerant, too. Things were certainly good this afternoon.

  2. Ha ha - some people make hints and some people just don't...
    I'm sure you caught up on some though!