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Thursday, March 29, 2012

That didn't go very well

Well that didn’t go very well. We’ve been having lots of sexy sex lately. Twice in one day, River initiating during her period, a blowjob, on the living room floor. Lots of sexy sex.

I thought we’d have some more today. I was waxing River for an upcoming outing. She was pretty cute when we did the landing strip so that’s what we’re going for. I’ve waxed her with wax before but it’s been kind of messy so this time I wanted to use sugar like I used to good effect on myself some years ago. But I couldn’t find any sugar kits. So I got something called “Honey Wax” from the same company which according to the ingredients looks like sugary stuff.

It didn’t work worth crap. I hadn’t even gotten one side of her bush down to landing strip proportions when we had to stop.

No sexy sex for me this afternoon.

We’ll give it another go with wax this evening. I want some sexy sex.


  1. Twice in one day...
    Wow, that is pretty rare for us - kids and work and all... You are very very lucky!

    1. It's rare for us, too. That was Saturday morning + evening. My "trick" for doing it twice in one day is to not come in the morning so we can finish later, which for some reason River doesn't seem to mind. But I got to finish both times that day . . . and she just gets to drip.

  2. Sexy sex! Didn't I start using that phrase first? Ah, well. xo

    Also, this new word verification sucks major ass.

    1. I like sexy sex, so thanks for that.

      Word verification removed. That must have been a stupid new default. I am so not about a few miscreants messing up the experience for the good people. TSA, are you listening?