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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy mom and dad

It’s been at least three months since we last used the sex dice. For anybody who doesn’t know what the sex dice are, they’re a pair of dice we would roll after having sex to see when we would have sex next. They took a lot of pressure off me as the primary initiater and the primary rejectee, and I credit them as one of the things that helped me (mostly) turn my mood around last year.

So what have we been doing if we haven’t been using the sex dice? We’ve been having sex. Or as I prefer to put it, we’ve been fucking. River seems to be finding me more irresistible. We’re fucking a lot during the day, and she’s mastered the best way to put me off in the evening: “How about tomorrow morning?” I love a good morning fuck.

Like yesterday, when I spooned her, slotted my hard cock against her vulva, and she helped get it pushed into her. Then she fucked me on top for a while. Her running has increased her endurance for squatting over me and gliding her pussy up and down my cock. Her aim was a little off and I was literally bent out of shape while she slid on and started fucking. She hadn't had her coffee yet, or something. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s aim is a little off sometimes. No orgasms, but I’m starting to like that. River’s always said sex is still nice without orgasms, and she’s right. After such a nice morning, I felt extra-motivated and got a lot of things done that I hadn’t been motivated to do for a long time.

And this morning. I woke up next to River, feeling her nicely shaped body against mine. My cock slid onto my stomach as it spontaneously got hard. “Good morning.” “Good morning.” “What are you thinking?” “Nothing.” “I’m thinking about this.” I roll between her legs and spread them, humping my cock against her slit. This morning I want to fuck as a fancy good-morning hug. But when I try to push in it doesn’t go. What was I just saying about aim? “Is that the right place?” “There’s a wing in the way.” She moves her labia aside and my cock slips into her. It doesn’t take long before I’m fully inside her. And we fuck. Slow and easy. Fast and vigorous. It’s a good morning.

She flips her leg over me, I roll one way, she rolls the other, and we’re in spoons. I love how her muscular ass feels against me. Another benefit of running. “Did you mean to leave it in?” “Yes.” “You’re sweet. But you know what’s going to happen now.” I push my leg against hers and push my cock all the way into her pussy, feeling her walls part and make way as my cock slides into place.

The sensations this morning are incredible. Maybe it’s because we didn’t finish yesterday. I moan involuntarily. Breathe in and out as my cock moves in and out. I could pass out, it feels so nice. “I’m practically having an out-of-body experience back here. This can’t possibly feel as nice to you.” “Why not?” “Because if it did you’d want to do this every day.”

We’re still fucking in spoons when our daughter comes into the room. Maybe not fucking so much any more, as relaxing with my penis in River’s vagina. We make room for our daughter to crawl into the bed with us. I'm still inside. It seems almost normal. She sees us spoon in bed all the time, only this time it’s a little bit different. I like to think we’re setting a good example of being happy mom and dad. I hope so.


  1. I love this post. I love how you love each other.

  2. Wow, what a lot of sex! I really appreciate the fact that mention that it feels 'almost' normal for your child to come into the room and into the bed and its ok. People can be so anal about showing any sort of physical contact to their kids...

  3. Yeah, what Liza said. Hey, didn't I say that myself a long time ago?

  4. Oh, it's normal to have Brook crawl into bed with us, just not when I'm inserted.

    Anisa, yeah, several people have said that. Maybe that's the point of my blog. No, on further thought, it isn't the point.

  5. You're being snappy in your comment replies, btw. Maybe we should talk or at least email soon?

  6. I'm not snappy, it's just that my social skills have interpretations that I never consider. I certainly don't mean to be snappy with anybody here. Really!