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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunny spots

When River and I go for walks, we almost always stop for a nice full-body-plaster kiss in a sunny spot. If it’s not sunny, we make our own sunny spot.

There were a lot of sunny spots on today’s walk.

When I started this blog, didn’t I say I wished I’d done more outtakes? Here you go. We’re walking past a rock sculpture in the park. A nice sunny spot. There’s a guy raking the ground nearby. I want to push River up against a large boulder and plaster myself to her and smooch her good. I grab her hand and start heading across the grass with her. She’s unsteady on the soggy ground. “Is it too soggy?” We turn around and walk the few steps back to the path. Missed opportunities can still make me sad, even though I look on the bright side: it was a record-setting sunny spot walk on a romantic day. “What better compliment could there have been for rake guy than to have his nicely raked ground used for a nice sunny-spot kiss?” “Actually I was worried I might puke all over his nicely raked ground.” “Oh.”

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