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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crash landing

“Any requests?” River thinks for a while. “No. You?” “I was hoping we could have some sex tonight.” I rarely call it having sex. But sometimes it’s got a certain clinical casualness to it. And I do hope we can have some sex tonight. “I thought that was a given.” She did say we should do something friendly tonight. “Just making sure.”

We stare at each other. “Well, do something.” “Like what?” “Get my dick hard.” “I can do that.” “Yes, you can.” Her hand circles my shaft. Her left hand. She prefers her right, but her left is just as skilled. I feel my cock react to her gentle pull and push. She switches hands while we talk. “Now what?” “I fuck you with that thing.” “Your thingy-thing.” “In your thingy-thing. T-bone. Remember it?” “I’m on my side, you’re . . .” “Right here.” “Visually stimulating.” “Yes.” The secret darkness between her pale legs. Where I'm going to fuck her. “I see pussy.” My finger slides along her lips then slips between them. “I hear pussy.” The smacky sounds make me harder. “I smell pussy.” I’m ready.

I watch the tip of my cock disappear into her darkness, the shaft chasing it deep into her interior. And we fuck.

It’s a creative night. A silly night. When we kiss in t-bone it’s a jarring mix of face-to-face intimacy and rear-entry fuck. I roll into topsy-turvy, my head at her feet, and peer up at her from between her legs as we fuck. I turn face down. Usually we shift positions without disengaging, but this time I must have pulled out. The position we end up in is completely improbable. She’s sprawled on the bed face up and I’m sprawled on her face down, our legs scissoring together twistedly, one of her legs hugged to my chest. “What will you call this one?” That's easy. “Crash landing.” She watches my ass and feels my balls. I feel her feeling my balls. That always adds an extra something. Something warm. It’s almost like having an orgasm before I have one. And I watch our thingy-things. Mine sliding in and out of hers. It seems closer than usual. My own private porn video.

It gets sillier. She’s on her back with both legs in the air. I’m facing the other way with my legs spread on either side of her. At least, that’s what I think we’re doing. I stare down under my own body and yes, we’re still fucking. We even slot it back in a few times when it comes out. Humans are so weird.

But it’s time to get real. Face-to-face with me on top. “I want to come tonight.” I haven’t come for about a week. I didn’t come during our last two fucks. I’ve gotten to like fucking without coming, fucking just to fuck, but I want to come tonight. Sometimes the longer we fuck, the harder it is. So I hope it’s not too late.

“What can I do to help?” “Fake an orgasm.” I’ve always told her if she wants me to come, that’s all she has to do. But it’s a tall order for her. She’s never faked one. She doesn’t even really know what she sounds like when she’s coming. She’s paying attention to other things. So she gives me more of a porn soundtrack. But it’s working. For both of us, by the sound of it. Is she still faking? “I can’t tell if you’re faking or not. No more faking.” “I’m not faking.” She’s not having an orgasm either, but she’s got her nice sounds of River being fucked and liking it going on.

It’s a hard bang now, my balls are warming up with impending orgasm, then I’m coming, pushing in deep, feeling her cervix get smashed rudely aside, holding still, feeling the subtle tickle of my load flowing up my cock then bursting into her, against her cervix, squeeze after squeeze. It’s a good one. Worth waiting for.

And I have something to ask tonight. “Will you drip on me?” I’ve never asked that before. But I want to see my load come back out of her. My own white goo dripping from her pussy. “I don’t know if I can.” She straddles me, her lovely labia hanging below her bush. She tries, but all she can get is a smear as she rubs her lips on my cock. “It helps if I pee.” Neither of us wants that to happen here, so we go to the bathroom and she pees and drips. “That was a big load.” “Thanks for trying.”

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