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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A thin green ring

We’re still at the hotel. We’ll probably be here another week. Not a sexy hotel, but we’ve got a nice big room for the whole family.

And we’re in the hotel shower. It seems like a tight squeeze after our new luxurious shower at home. But it’s a nice squeeze.

River grabs the green disc of soap. “When we have bar soap, I usually just do this.” I feel her sensuous washing rhythm on my chest, just the soap and her bare hands. I like it. At home we use soft soap and a washcloth. This is new. “I pretty much grew up without using a washcloth.” “Same here.” Although I’m sure my mom would beg to differ. Using a washcloth somehow seems more sophisticated. But there’s something about River’s bare hands all over my body.

Then it’s my turn. Kneeling in front of her, reaching up to soap up her breasts with my hands. Reaching between her legs for her ass. Her body feels nice. Smooth and slippery. By now we’ve worn the soap down to a thin green ring. I soap her bush, take my hand away, and the soap sticks to it. We laugh. Laughing is good. If you can't laugh when you're naked, when can you laugh.


  1. We don't usually have the opportunity to wash together (kids always around) But you're description is so lovely we will have to find a way to do it.
    Yes, you gotta laugh - maybe especially when you are naked... ; )

  2. We have kids, but they seem to think it's just something mom and dad do. Which, of course, it is.