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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can't complain

We’ve had a good week. River can’t believe what we did in my parents’ bed. When she puts it that way, neither can I. Then there was new year’s morning on their living room floor, before the kids got up. She surprised me with that one. And I do like surprises. Especially hers.

So I really can’t complain, even though I started this post to do a bit of complaining in a “Reed and River Are Not Fucking” kind of way. I’m sure glad I didn’t. Because we sure have been fucking.


  1. On the living room floor before the kids got up! Wow you two are so naughty! ; )
    Oh, just seen me on your blogroll on the right!!!
    I take that as a great compliment! Thank you Reed!

  2. That makes my dad's wistful comment about wishing I still blogged pale in comparison. :)