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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our favorite music to fuck to

Our friends are always asking why River and I have such great sex and they don't. It's because we've got this squeezebox radio in the bedroom that plays gazillions of internet radio stations. We've also got a squeezebox duet for our stereo. It's pretty much all we ever play, aside from some vinyl.

Our favorite music to fuck to is this:


It's like having our own modern electroporn soundtrack.

The squeezeboxes also play Pandora stations, and our second favorite is classical guitar, in particular a station set up with Pepe Romero. I've had a Pandora membership for years because they're so cool. It has nothing to do with them having my band's music on their service. Really.

And just so you know, we don't have a TV in our bedroom, and never have, and never will. Just the occasional iPad.


  1. Music to fuck to... A distant memory... I'm so used to listening out for little ones (and slightly bigger ones!) waking that we haven't used music for years and years...
    Without the music though I think my hubby has become more focused and can cum quicker. The music got us carried away and he used to take way over an hour to climax sometimes...
    One good thing is that there is more 'dirty talk' without the music, but I did used to enjoy the rhythm and groove...

  2. Ha. And then there's someone we thought was asleep coming in and telling us to turn the music down. And it's not even loud!

  3. Also no TV in the bedroom. Thanks for posting this.