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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Every now and then I want to write a knock-down drag-out “Reed and River are Fucking”-style hardcore erotica post. About wondering whether we were amusing the people in the next hotel room. About hanging out in the room naked, getting a hardon while River went pee, and having her come back and sit on it then having a queef-fest. About being in the tub with River last night, her labia floating and waving like a sea anemone. But I’m not sure I can do it any more. Not sure I have it in me. Don’t really have the time to compose it mentally, get in the zone and write it out, fix all the typos, make revisions, sprinkle in colorful description, relive the whole thing. So here's a quickie.

“I want to do two things with you tonight. Shop online for a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. And take a bath with you.” Amazon didn’t have our favored Boysenberry color, so we went with Empire Red. Something splashy for our freshly painted kitchen. Then bath time. Something else splashy. We'll save the kitchen for another time.

I stare at River’s fleshy labia, facing me, floating in the water, gently spreading. My penis floats, too. In the unlikely event of a water landing, your penis will become a flotation device. I wave water towards her pussy, watching her lips wave back and forth, open and closed.

“I liked bossing you around. It was turning me on.” “My mistress is gracious.” “I have a reward for you. Would you like to eat my pussy?” “My mistress is generous.” But she knows she’s not a very good mistress. She shouldn’t leave it up to me. Even if she knows I can’t refuse.

I put my face in the water and probe with my tongue. It should be slipping up between her labia to her clit, but it’s always hard to get my bearings underwater. I need goggles. And an air supply. River laughs as air bubbles from my nose and mouth. Another breath. Another dive. My finger guides my tongue. That’s what I’m looking for. I rub my tongue across her clit, letting the breath slowly bubble out while my mistress laughs.

We dry off and move to the bedroom. I position a cushion at the foot of the bed for my knees and await my mistress so I can pleasure her with my tongue. She has other ideas. “Butter me.” The new body butter is creamier and not as satisfying, but I take my time working it into her skin, all over, finishing up with her ass. Unbidden, I spread her legs and tongue her pussy. I can’t reach her clit from this angle, but I push deeply into her tangy pussy before I roll her over and go to work on her clit.

“You’ve got me warmed up.” “Let me warm myself up.” My cock hardens quickly as I stroke it and suck her deliciously cool lips into my mouth and push them around with my tongue. I stand at the foot of the bed, my erection pointing skyward, and push her back, my cock easily slipping into her as I fall forward. Too much spit, but we’ll live with it. And fuck with it.

I’m all over her while we fuck. She’s all under me. Hard. Fast. Slippery. I pull all the way out and give my cock a few seconds to dry before pushing it back through her lips to her cervix. I hold off my orgasm. “Mistress didn’t tell me to come yet.” And I’m not finished with her. We hit it in jackknife and a half-dozen positions with no name. She arches and fucks onto me. And wears me out. I roll us into interlock to relax.

“Do I please my mistress?” “Very much.” “I haven’t filled your pussy with come yet.” “I didn’t ask you to. Just to fuck me.” Bad mistress. She should tell me, not ask me. Now she tells me. “Try some other voices. Maybe eeyore.” Eeyore doesn’t work so well. “Maybe Igor.” “Does meestress enjoy my haard caaawk?” “Yes. And that voice is turning me on.” Who would have guessed. We’ll have to try that again. If it pleases my mistress.

But River had worn us both out. And we’re thirsty. We call it a night, cool down, and snuggle down to sleep.


  1. That was a very delicious quickie. More please.

  2. Lovely and you two are in the bath again!!!

  3. OMG I love you two.

    Recalling your real voice and trying to imagine the Igor voice in my head is messing me up, though. If you ever do that on the phone I'll hang up on you.