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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cutting down

A few weeks back my citalopram dose was upped from 20mg to 30mg because River and I agreed that I didn’t always seem antidepressed enough. Yesterday I realized we’d gone five days without fucking which is a dry spell. And I’d gone eight days without an orgasm which is a long dry spell. So I’m cutting down to 20mg again. What’s the use of being antidepressed when you don’t even care whether you fuck or not, and when you do it’s hard to come.

After six days, we had a very nice time together this afternoon that included a fuck in the orgasm (River’s first orgasm in weeks) and a luxurious afternoon nap.


  1. I'm really happy for both your sakes that you figured out the problem, and relatively quickly!

  2. I hope so. Sex is definitely an antidepressant for me, but it's hard on River if she has to "maintain" me that way. I hope going back to 20mg will work.

  3. I think maybe you were just going through a natural low. Glad the afternoon was nice! God, I love naps.

  4. When I was on antidepressants in my early 20's, I was happy to have sex anytime - but I could never reach orgasm - which is unlike me as I usually only take a few minutes to cum...
    Glad you worked it out so quickly and had a great afternoon!