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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Naked morning

“I don’t have to shower. I’m beautiful!” “That’s what I tell you all the time. Hi, beautiful.” She’s seen that so often she can read my lips. Or maye she’s reading my face. Or my mind.

She’s scampering all over the house. Naked. Except for her glasses. That just emphasizes the point. All the windows are bare and she doesn’t care. I’m turned on. She’s dusting. I catch glimpses of her vulva as she bends over. Did I mention I'm turned on? “You don’t even need one of those French maid outfits.” “Nope. Gilding the lily.” “I’ll gild your lily.”

The squeezebox turns on as she dusts it. Our favorite music to fuck to. “I’ve got this theory that you’re trying to get me to clean our new closet so we have enough room.” “I never thought of that. But it’s cute.”

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, please share your favorite music to fuck to! We're building our collection. I love the image of River scampering about naked except for glasses. Tell her I said so.