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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What am I like?

SophiaX asks, upon reading "In the kitchen": "What are you like ; )".

Maybe I should have an about page that says something like I'm a nice intelligent monogamous guy with kids and the best sweetie ever, who strives, perhaps too hard, to be non-creepy, and how I started blogging after River and I started fucking again after a year and a half dry spell, and remark on how having a sexual renaissance has a way of turning people into bloggers, and say something about being (among other things) a guitar player and a photographer.

Or maybe she wants to know how every little thing River says or does reminds me of sex, much to River's chagrin.

Or maybe she wants to know how mismatched our libidos are.

But I think this little composition of River's that I found in the kitchen a few years ago might be more like what SophiaX is looking for:

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