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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maroon and blue

Maroon and blue. Those are the colors I see on River this morning. Maroon spaghetti strap top. Dark blue panties. A dark striking colorful contrast to her light skin.

It’s evening. She’s stripped down to the colors again. I know what I want. I want her. In maroon and blue. I aggress.

My hands feel her body. The firmness. The sweetness. Find her nipples through the cotton. I love the gentle texture. Even better than silk. Especially with River underneath. Her nipples push against me through the maroon.

Her hands reach down to slip her panties off. I stop them. “I want the maroon and blue.” On her.

I pull the crotch aside. Her vulva presents itself. I rub the underside of my stiff cock against it. Up. Down. Usually she’ll get impatient and slip it in and sigh as I push into her. Today it’s my call. I'm aggressive, but patient. Feeling the shaft of her clitoris against my cock. Hearing the wet smack of her opening as my cock slides over it. My cock likes being hard. Likes the teasing of her pussy. Likes teasing it back.

I slip it in. Push into her. Into the dark blue. Into the mutual sighs. And we fuck.


  1. Maroon and blue - are those the particular colors that turn you on? My husband get something from black and white together for some reason....

  2. Poetic and hot!

  3. I can't say I've noticed any colors in particular turn me on, although there are some that turn me off -- like beige. If you've got a beige bra, do me a favor and burn it. I think in this case it was the contrast of the dark bold colors against her light skin. And she looked like a luscious mouth-watering piece of fruit, waiting to be plucked and devoured. I love fruit. Especially plums.

  4. I was very late (as usual!) rushing for work and I happened to put on a maroon tank top over a blue T shirt with blue tracksuit bottoms. Didn't feel particularly attractive - but got many more 'looks' than I normally do... Maybe it was 'what is she wearing?' looks - but I like to think they were looks of approval. So I think River was on to a good color combination there. Although I know of course that if River were wearing a spaghetti strap top with panties in whatever color - you would want her - even if they were beige methinks ; )

    1. I think they were "I wish I could look so good" looks.

  5. You say the loveliest things Reed. Thank you!