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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outdoor sex season?

It looks like outdoor sex season has finally arrived here. I’ve taken care of the kids all day while River’s at work, done fun things with them, made sure they’re fed. “You’re a good boy. What do good boys get?” “The balcony.” “Ok.”

River joins me in the bathroom. “I was expecting to find you waiting expectantly on the balcony with a candle lit.” “I’m getting there.” First I have to bring up a River-sized cushion from downstairs, then strip and wait in a chair.

But when I get up to the balcony, things just don’t seem right. It’s not quite dark enough for one. But mostly I can hear neighbors talking somewhere. That’s something that might turn me on, but our neighbors are not sexy, and the voices are more of a nuisance.

I report back to River. “It just doesn’t seem right.” “I’m kind of relieved. Maybe a quickie and the balcony tomorrow.” Wow. Where did that libido come from? I should take advantage of it. But I’d rather hold off the extra day and do things right. Even though that hasn't always worked out. “I’m fine with not doing anything tonight.” “I’m grateful.” “I’d think you’d be more relieved that I’m not into doing weird things like the balcony at all costs.” “I am.” “I love you.” “I love you.”

The next morning I wake up with a pounding hardon. I didn’t used to like to fuck with random morning erections. Something about it didn’t feel quite right, like it wasn’t really part of me somehow, and it was hard to orgasm. It seemed like fucking for the sake of fucking. I would rather let it subside, and get another one for what I called “the right reasons”.

My attitude is now a little different. I’m ok with not always coming when we fuck. And I like thinking that we’re in the middle of a fuck when I don’t come and we have to finish later. If River were facing away from me I’d at least slip it between her legs along her vulva. But she’s sleeping on her back. She doesn’t wake up when I put my hand on hers, but it does trigger her periodic limb movement disorder. I consider waking her up by getting on top for a little sex therapy, maybe just stick it in and have a fancy hug, but she got up early yesterday morning and we’ll both be better off if she gets her sleep.

Tonight on the balcony. My parts will be aching all day thinking about it.


  1. You do it on the balcony? That sounds soooo lovely - the air and all that!
    Mmmm, you were right to hold off with the nuisance neighbors! Hope it ended up being a fucking good one...

    1. Yep, there's nothing quite like a cool sexy breeze blowing past my balls while we fuck.

  2. I'm doing a Reed here - with multiple comments which don't necessarily connect with each other...
    I love the way you talk to each other - you go so well together!