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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pool girl

“I may be wrong about this, but was that girl with the sunglasses looking at me?” “Which one?” “At the pool.” “It’s hard to tell with sunglasses.” True. But her face and hat were often pointed directly at me from the far side of the hotel pool. And there wasn't anybody else near me, other than River. When I turned my head suddenly to look at something, her head turned, too.

She wasn’t slim or slender, but she was well-proportioned and nicely feminine. Maybe she noticed my interest in her tits. They were bigger than the ones that usually get my attention, but in a good way.

I overcame my shyness and stared back at her while she seemed to be looking over at me, and a couple times I swear she motioned for me(?) to come over, but my vision isn’t that great so I can’t be sure.

I looked for her at breakfast the next morning but she wasn’t there.

Have things like this been happening my whole life but I just haven’t noticed?


  1. Haha I love it! You're such a cool dude who knows!
    (I get that with my vision aswell - not quite sure if people are talking to me sometimes!) (And too vain to wear glasses!)

    1. Maybe she wanted to show me her nipple piercings?