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Saturday, April 7, 2012


“Are you going to stick it to me in the middle of the night?” It’s been four days. Last night didn’t seem right, this morning didn’t seem right, and fucking this evening would seem like fucking just for the sake of fucking. “Maybe.” I’m not sure I’ll wake up. I’m not sure I’ll be horny. “I kind of like it you know. Especially when I give you permission.” “You do?” I guess I’ve converted her on yet another thing. “It’s like you said -- kind of dreamy.” “Next you’ll be asking me to eat your pussy.”

I wake up randomly at 12:30. Can I get an erection? Yes. Easily. Thank you, night-time. River is on her back. I push her and she rolls over. “All the way.” She keeps going into inviting with her right knee out to the side. I pull the covers down, straddle her leg, feel her body heat. Feel her pussy, waxed along the sides. Dip my fingers into her wetness. Get harder. My fingers guide my cock into her in the dark. She wiggles back against me. I push in a few inches. And we fuck.

I plant myself against her warm ass. Feel my balls sliding along her warm leg. Pull the covers up to keep the warmth in. Fuck into her warm wet pussy, deep, all the way. We both moan as my cock slowly slides in and out of her.

Sit up. Grip her ass in both hands. Feel my cock sliding past my fingers, between her lips. Feel her cervix at the end of each stroke, begging me to push deeper. Support myself with a hand pressed into her back while my other hand roams her firm ass, her smooth leg, grips her hip and pulls her warmth towards me. Slides under to feel the curls of her bush and the soft bare flesh on either side.

Her hands move to the wall as I speed up. Can I finish? Maybe. If I can’t we’ll finish in the morning. I press against her, my lips grazing her shoulder, listening to her breathe, watching her face, her eyes closed dreamily. We haven’t spoken. Long, fast, deep strokes. Shallow strokes. Hitting her g-spot. She feels very wet. She sounds very wet. The sounds, her breathing, her warmth, her softness, her wetness, the dreaminess, everything pushes me over the edge and I come deep inside her, gyrating with her as we make my orgasm last, until finally I rest against her and breathe hard and we keep fucking in my come.

I soften and pull out. My hand goes to her pussy, sliding over the orgy of our juices, mine and River's, my fingers on her wet lips, between her lips, smearing pussy juice and come over her vulva. Finally I reach for our traditional t-shirt, wipe her clean, push the cotton into her pussy and stir. She approves.

“I like it when you give me permission.” “I like it, too.”


  1. Oh gosh I love middle of the night sex so much. I love it just the way you describe it. Permission or not.