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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello girlfriend

A nice emotional warmup day. We go shopping for clothes for River to wear to an interview. “I hope a never have to wear a suit to an interview,” she says. “You can wear a suit to an interview with me.” “Huh?” “A swimsuit.” I carry her shopping bags. “I have a valet.” “A full service valet.” There’s no direct talk, but we both know what’s going to happen tonight.

She goes out with “the girls.” That’s good. Comes back with a bit of a buzz. Not so good from my pov as a non-drinker. “You can take advantage of me.” Ok, maybe it is good.

“What would you like for a warmup?” “Rub my ass with oil.” Her ass is cold. As usual. “I need to warm it up first.” I get on top of her, face in her hair, hands on hers, resting against her ass, strangely stimulating in its coldness.

Oil her ass. Rub it with my elbow. Spend an inordinate amount of time spreading her cheeks, trying to make her pussy gap open with its wet smacky sounds. And getting an idea. “If you’re drunk, maybe I can do you in the ass tonight.” “Not drunk. Buzzed.” She didn’t say no. “Especially since I’m having problems finding your pussy.” “Let me help.” She reaches back and spreads herself wide. Hello girlfriend. The pink of her pussy gapes open, darkly mysterious, glisteningly wet. And relentlessly inviting. “I want to feel my penis inside you.” “I like it when we both want the same thing.” I get hard and push it right up her hole in one shot. And we fuck.

It’s nice how many ways there are to fuck with her on her front and me on top. I lie on her feeling her ass against my stomach. Lift myself off her and feel my cock drop into her on each stroke. Her feet curled back to push my ass. My foot on the floor. Sit up and watch my cock disappear into her. How can that feel so good. I’m always surprised that she likes it, too. Lucky us.

“How drunk is she?” I’m about to find out. Oil us both up. Press the tip of my cock against her butthole. Push. That was too easy. “Missed.” On the second try my cock head slips through the ring into her ass. “That hurts today.” Uh oh. I try again with more lube. “Still hurts. Is that different lube?” “It’s the oil. We used it at my parents’ house.” To good effect, I might add. But that’s enough for tonight. I’m not hard enough for a third attempt, and that would be beyond the bounds of good relations anyway. “Thanks for trying.” “You’re welcome.”

I go wash off. I’m now noticing that our new bathroom sink is farther off the floor than any sink I’ve ever washed myself in. I have to climb on the counter to get my parts wet and wash them.

“Now what?” “Face to face.” There’s just something about it. I run my thumb over her clit while she plays with her nipples. I like to watch that. She’s got a nice body. I’m glad she puts it to good use. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off it if it were mine. My cock hardens. I push back into her pussy, our mouths lock together, and we fuck long and hard. Her cervix is taking a real beating tonight. I can feel it, and I can tell she feels it, too. I love the extra stimulation at the end of each thrust.

I hold off. I haven’t done that for a long time. The SSRI makes it hard enough to come that I usually just take an orgasm if one comes along. But I want a good long physical ending to our good long emotional warmup day. “Was that an orgasm hold-off twitch I felt?” “No, but I did hold off. When I get to the twitch point we usually have to be completely still. The slightest movement could set it off.”

Something about this fuck is just right. My cock jumps and twitches in her pussy as I hold off two more times. It’s like old times. When I finally come it’s easy. And incredible. My balls pulling up, the heat spreading from them and reaching the tip of my cock, then my orgasm exploding through my body. I must be filling her with jizz but I’m barely noticing that part. I’m breathing so hard I suck her hair down my throat when I inhale.

Our afterfuck is long. Finally my cock softens and the head comes to rest cradled in her dark labia.


  1. Oh, just fantastic, described so well. I can feel your connection and intensity.

    1. I swear, sometimes I think the worse I write the more people like it. But thanks anyway!

  2. You guys are hot. I wish I had a girlfriend like that.

    1. You thinking of girlfriends again?