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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getaway observations

We recently had a family weekend getaway at a family-oriented resort. It was nice and escapist, and we'd go back.  And I had a few observations:
  • There were a lot more overweight and obese people than statistics predicted, although fewer on Sunday and Monday than on Saturday.
  • I had very little interaction with other families, except when I talked to a few people and had a few short conversations with kids. I was surrounded by people wearing very little but we were all isolated, doing our own thing even though we were all doing the same things.
  • Throwing things away is such a way of life in our society that receptacles for doing so are ubiquitous. Maybe by the time my kids have kids we’ll look back on that and wonder what we were thinking.
  • Most of the parent/child interaction I saw made me happy.  There are some fun parents out there.
  • Lots of body art on display, but the only remotely memorable and interesting one was an attractive 20-something woman with a matching pair of mudflap girls tattooed on her upper back. That one made us think. It occurred to me too late that I should have asked her about them. I was in isolationist mode, I guess.
  • You’d think a family oriented resort would make it easier for the parents to get a little action. Or maybe we’re just somewhat squeamish about doing it with our kids in the room. What’s up with that I wonder. We did snag some in the middle of the night.

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