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Monday, April 9, 2012

Audience fantasy

We light candles and River gets a back massage. It’s been too long since we’ve had candle light. She looks so smooth and lush.

“You know what I want to do?” “I can guess.” “I want to eat your pussy.” We set up at the edge of the bed and I probe between her lips with my tongue and spend some quality time with her clit. “I ate fresh pineapple today. Do I taste any different?” Whenever a pineapple appears in the kitchen I’m always quick to ask, “Is that a hint?” But I’m honest. “No, you taste the same.” Well, ok, her usual tang is even tangier today. I feel my cock getting heavier.

I get a few moans, but she’s not moving back against me so when I’ve satisfied my hunger I gaze at her candle-lit pussy, finger it, get hard, rub my cock on her clit. But we both want to fuck. So I slip into her and we do it.

“It’s kind of wet down there.” She doesn’t like it when it’s too wet. We stop and I wipe her up with a t-shirt. When I penetrate her this time the friction is just right.

I’m pounding. She’s spreading her legs wide for me. For her. I know if I look to either side I’ll see her feet in the air. But I don’t look. I’m fantasizing. We’re fucking with an audience. Putting on a good show. And I like it.*

“Here it comes.” Deep against her cervix. As usual she helps with my orgasm and makes it awesome. She likes to feel my goosebumps. “I usually enjoy your orgasms vicariously.” That’s good, because she isn’t having many lately. “But this time was different. There was a kind of physical response . . .”

I tell her about my fantasizing. “I’d do that. In a place where people expected to see and be seen.” I’ve never seen anybody else fucking in real life. I’ve never even seen another guy with a hardon.

* Fantasizing inspired by Liza’s sex club posts.


  1. I love that you worked in the idea of doing it with an audience. Just even writing those words makes me so horny. I can't explain why I liked fucking in front of others, but boy, did I.

    1. Everything I write is true! I didn't have to work it in, it just happened that way. And yeah, I'd be more excited fucking than watching. It probably has something to do with wanting fucking to be more out in the open, like it is here in blog-land.

    2. "Didn't have to work it in." Did I really just say that?