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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Waterpark wonderings

Well look at that. I’ve written 100 posts, but I’ve only published 95 of them, not 100 like I thought. So it looks like I gave myself an “out” to keep writing for a while. And I've been writing. Just not feeling like blogging. But today I’m going to take advantage of my wiggle room and blog a little bit.

The kids and I went to the waterpark today. I spent a lot of time checking out the various flotation devices. As in, “In the unlikely event of a water landing, your breasts will become flotation devices.” Lucky for me, I know how to swim or I’d go straight to the bottom.

But you know what got the best physical reaction out of me? (Not as good as this one, fortunately. I guess I’ve been trained out of that by sleeping with a naked woman for so long. How sad.) A trim woman with some mommy pooch and hardly anything up top. I just can’t stop looking at tiny titties. Breasts that leave something to the imagination. And my imagination can be pretty good.

Anyway. Not only was I gauging the flotative capabilites of various females, I’m pretty sure I was being checked out by one or two or three. And naturally (for me) I have to wonder why. Is it because I look like a male model? Hah. Maybe a male model of a drowned rat. Is it because I’m halfway in shape compared to most people? I can only hope. Is it because I’m some kind of spectacle? That would be ok too. But then I had this thought that maybe they’re just staring at my nipple ring. And perhaps wondering if I’d like to see theirs. Well, yes, I would, now that I imagine you asking. (I told you I had a good imagination.)

And once again I wonder, has this been going on my whole life (assuming I’m not imagining it with my good imagination)? How would my life have been different if I hadn't been so shy?

P.S. One thing’s for sure. After all that female flesh on display, I really hope we’re getting some tonight. It’s been 9 days. We haven’t had a dry spell that long since our restart 3½ years ago.


  1. Small breasts probably won't become flotation devices... will they?
    Women might be looking at you because you're gorgeous or whilst at the water park because you have your kids with you...
    Men who are good with their kids are usually really yummy!
    If you hadn't been so shy - you would most likely have had many meaningless - possibly sometimes enjoyable encounters...

    1. By the time you have kids, it's too late for them to be babe magnets!

  2. Mmmm disagree - you ask any female...

  3. But I'm already mated for life with some gullible -- I mean, lucky -- girl who took a chance on me. That's why I have kids.

  4. Yeh so you're gorgeous enough to have netted someone... But I think the attractiveness of a guy who is good with their kids is instinctual... "Hey he could nurture my eggs!'

    1. I get it. I'm just being silly, with a grain of truth. I like being attractive in that way for sure. From my side, I've always liked a girl who gets her hair wet at the beach.