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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy TMI

I guess my last TMI was so good that I got another (dubious) award, this time from lurker extraordinaire Lady J. Thanks, Lady J, you're very generous, I think. And your generosity will be rewarded, not because I'm generous, but because you didn't follow the rules and that kind of thing always scores points with me.

Sorry about all the ado. Here we go.

I was 19. I was on the beach in Alassio, Italy. Wearing a speedo-syle suit. Amongst topless women. You got that, right? 19. Speedo. Topless women. You know where this is going. All you need is the details.

I think I managed to keep my excitement down and keep it in my suit pretty well. Until the topless teenage roller skaters came by, with their perky bare breasts perking toplessly. There are so many reasons why that would not be legal in the US. There are so many reasons why the US sucks.

I couldn’t help it. The more I tried not to think about the perky breasts on roller skates with the perky young women attached to them, the more I thought about them. I seared the image into my memory to this day. My cock hardened, trending up and to the left as it prepared to do its business, my suit making a valiant attempt to keep it constrained within its boundaries. I doubt it was entirely successful.

I had to walk around like that for a while with my by now self-perpetuating erection lurking quasi-hidden. Why should getting an erection be so embarrassing? “Look, I’m so manly I don’t even get hard for nubile young women on roller skates.” Uh, yeah, whatever.

When I took the suit off back at the pensione, there was dried pre-cum where the tip of my hard cock had lodged.


  1. THIS. +11111111

    I freaking love this story, and the way you told it.

    1. It shouldn't be so hard to be a guy.

  2. Yeesh, that would be tough.

    I would be thinking, "don't think about fucking them" Guess what would be tough to not think about?

  3. Oh...my.....GAWD!!!! I absolutely love this story--brilliant....it's utterly fabulous in every way. Thank you for sharing it. And yes...okay....I am a lurker. I admit it. I've admitted it before on my blog. "Hi. My name is Lady J, and I'm a lurker."

    1. Glad you liked it! There are some things you never forget . . .

  4. Haha. Don't think of the pink elephant!
    One of the reasons I don't envy being a guy - If you are female noone knows if you are turned on (or not!)