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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dressing room?

“You’re a bad boy. Would you really do it in a dressing room?” “Well, yeah.” Who wouldn’t? “People aren’t as unobservant as you seem to think they are.” They’re not? So what?

We’ve been shopping at the mall. We’re both trying on clothes at the Gap. “Can we go in together?” I can’t believe she asked the salesperson that. I’m actually a bit flustered. “Sure, you can even have the big room at the end.” It is big. And the door goes all the way to the floor. It doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling but it has a deadbolt lock. I take a few pictures of River with my crappy cell phone but they don’t turn out well. I’m having body image problems and she’s trying to convince me everybody looks like crap in dressing rooms. Then why does she look so good?

At the next shop we’re looking for stuff for her. She goes into the dressing room by herself, then comes out and pulls me in with her. “Is that a hint?” “No.” She tries on some pants, makes me look at her butt in them, then pulls her panties down, waggles her ass at me for a second, and pulls them back up. How can I not want to do it. I want to squeeze my cock into her, right between her dark, fleshy lips, and fuck her. Stupid ED. I’m not remotely hard. “Is everything ok? Do you need another size?” No thanks, River is a very nice size.

And we’re leaving. Two seize-the-moment opportunities lost. “That might be about as close as I get to doing it in a dressing room.” That’s River talking. “I probably wouldn’t finish.” That’s me. “How long?” “Fifteen seconds?” Sounds like that might be too long for her. “Five seconds? In and out? Long enough to say we did it.” “If things were less busy, and the salespeople were less attentive, I might do it in a dressing room.” I smile. Just like River always says, there will be more opportunities to seize the moment. “Would you blog about it?” “Probably. Unless you didn’t want me to.” She might not.


  1. I can totally hear you saying "Well, yeah." It makes me laugh.

  2. I love the fact that you think about sex so much of the time! Doing it in a dressing room wouldn't even enter my mind ... Well it will now - after reading your post!

  3. Thinking about sex never gets old. At least for me. On the other hand, hearing about sex all the time does get somewhat old for River, even though she says she likes it.