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Monday, February 13, 2012

Crappy little cell phone

River called today. I’ve got a crappy little cell phone but at least I know how to make calls and take pictures with it. I kind of like the aesthetic of the crappy cell phone pictures some times, especially when done lomography-style. I can even answer calls with it, especially from River. And I’ve even managed to give her her own special ring on my crappy little phone, but today my phone is on buzz. I don’t ususally answer buzz, but I do when it’s River.

“I want to fuck you later today.” I’m glad I answered. “I’m in an elevator.” I like the association of elevators and fucking. “Is anyone else in it?” “No.” “Too bad.” I’d love to be in an elevator with someone telling her sweetie she wants to fuck him later.

But I want to fuck her now.

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