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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What else could we be doing?

I like waking up with River in the morning. This morning I’m next to her, thinking my usual thing. I’m on this antidepressant and they can apparently mess with your libido, or your performance, usually in the wrong direction. But this one I’m on doesn’t seem to make much difference one way or the other. Just makes it harder to orgasm, and makes the orgasms a little less orgasmic. But I can live with that. And so can River, most of the time. Sometimes I think she even likes it.

This morning we're in bed and she’s talking about nursing school. And it’s really interesting stuff, for sure. But does she know what else we could be doing while she talks? “I’m thinking about blogging about how I want to fuck you.” “That’s good to know.”

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