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Thursday, November 3, 2011

“I love you”

I like to talk while fucking but one thing I don’t really say is “I love you”. I say it all the time in other situations. Going to sleep. When River does something sweet. Or just out of the blue. But it’s always seemed a bit insincere to say “I love you” while fucking. So I don’t. I don’t like feeling insincere.

Recently, River and I were talking about it. While fucking. And it turns out she doesn’t have the same take on it. Which isn’t surprising, because as compatible as we are we tend to be extremely different about many things. But she doesn’t say it either, even though she says “I love you” in plenty of other situations.

So I try it. We’re fucking, face to face, and I say “I love you.” It’s kind of nice. And it’s sincere. At least when we’re face to face.

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