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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I’m a snuggler. Over the years I’ve converted River into a naked-sleeping snuggler, too. And into someone who likes kissing. And she’s even enjoyed cunnilingus with me a few times. Next she’ll even enjoy fucking. Well, she does enjoy it, and always has, at least since she’s been doing it with me. It’s just that she tends not to remember how much she likes it. And she’s converted me, too: it didn’t take long for me to like being on top. She’s very appreciative. Very fuckable.

But snuggling is what’s on my mind now. For over a year we had a long dry spell. No fucking. No snuggling. I would sleep over on what I called my sad side of the bed, which was about one inch wide. Somehow I never fell off the edge, but I probably would have enjoyed it if I had. I still loved River and always have. She calls our dry spell more like being brother and sister. And she hated me occasionally. I found that out later. I wish I'd found out sooner.

But I’m trying to talk about snuggling. Sometime between then and now I realized that we should always snuggle in bed. Even if things are a little rocky. We know we’ll make things better. We always have. Snuggling is reassuring. We still like each other. Still love each other. We’re bigger than the rocky patch of the moment. I’ve never regretted snuggling. I have regretted not snuggling. And I do too many things that I regret. I don’t need one more.

River agrees. We should snuggle.

And so we do. We usually go to bed at the same time now. One of us snuggles on the other as long as we can stand it. Sometimes until we both fall asleep. When I snuggle on her, I pull our bodies together and often say something like “Once again you’ve got all the good space, and I’m trying to get into it with you. Why can’t we both occupy the same space? Stupid laws of physics.” River's space is very nice.

I really wasn’t sure how she could stand me being such a greedy space-occupying snuggler. She’s got a lighter, but very nice, touch. So one night she snuggled on me like I snuggle on her, and it was quite nice. I felt loved. But she can snuggle me however she wants. I like it however she does it.

We can’t usually snuggle until we fall asleep. We usually end up separating. But I always like to touch. It’s hard for me to fall asleep without touching. Our legs. My hand on her comforting ass. Anything. Just to touch. And fall asleep.


  1. Thanks for writing this, I'm so impressed that one sentence in an email was expanded into such a great post.

  2. Hubs had to bring me around to snuggling, but he did. I can't fall asleep that way but he can. But it's a good thing to do, even when things aren't rosy. I agree with that statement. I agree on all counts.