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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ok. I miss blogging. I still want to tell the world about Reed and River fucking, as well as Reed and River not fucking, this time in less of the fourth-wall pure erotica style that I did in Reed and River are Fucking. Although I'll probably throw some of that in as well.

I miss it so much that this blog is going to spring into existence before I get the visuals and whatever else to the point where I'm comfortable with them.


  1. Reed, this is so awesome. I am your biggest fan.

  2. No, sir, I disagree. First, River is your biggest fan. I'm next. I knew you wouldn't last long in retirement. Much love, friend.

    (word verification: "dicater")

  3. Welcome back! Although you could have just renamed the other blog reedandriverarefuckingawesome or reedandriverarefuckingprolific or something... : )

  4. "Unplugged" is a joke. Get it? I didn't get it either when I first thought it up. Now I think it's brilliant. I'm my biggest fan.