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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I should have died out long ago

According to my reading of an article in Psychology Today (how many people out there even knew I could read? Surprises abound. And since I'm hanging out in parentheses here, I'll add that I typically don't actually read this magazine or any other magazine unless I'm in a waiting room. Hey, parentheses are fun! I should use them more often. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled blog post . . .), I should have died out a long time ago. "Dozing off right after sex provides an evolutionary advantage to men: It shuts down the opportunity for a commitment conversation and increases their chances of reproducing with other mates." I do not doze off right after sex. I used to go ride my bike for an hour or something. River weighs in: "They make that shit up and print it like it's true. How can they validate that scientifically?" If anything, I think I have an evolutionary advantage with my penchant for morning and daytime sex, and avoiding the commitment conversation by going out for bike rides afterwards.


  1. Ha ha very funny!
    Ah the joy of reading magazines! Yes, I too only read such stuff in waiting rooms now. The joys of parenthood I think - having so little time to indulge in anything not very important...

    1. Yeah, so much is all about the kids. But I figured I had a good life before having kids, and it seemed like a reasonable time, and . . . River had somehow gotten pregnant.