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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Emotional warmup

I call them emotional warmup days. The days when River and I are bound together. Doing the same things. Thinking the same thoughts. Like the today a couple yesterdays ago. We were out prepping the garden. Working together to get the weeds pulled and the warm earth turned over. River being an affectionate tease. Me being . . . me. The perfect day to have a perfect ending.

Will there be a perfect ending? I thought so. Now I’m not sure. “I thought something was going to happen.” “Oh, really?” Well, yeah. We’d talked about finishing what we started last night. River was an affectionate tease. It was a good emotional warmup day. For me, at least. Then I realize: I can make something happen.

I roll on top of River and straddle her. She knows what’s happening. Kiss her. Stretch her nipples between my thumb and finger. She takes over, one hand moving to her breast while I stroke my stiffening cock and watch. Then the other breast. My left hand reaches behind me, feeling the flaps and folds of River’s pussy, down to her wetness, up to her clit. My right hand working my cock the whole time. I like doing both of us. I’m getting surprisingly hard. Possibly a result of not coming last night.

“You’re my always-ready sweetie.” “I’m ready tonight.” “How do you know?” “By how good it feels.” In a rare show of confidence I take my hand off my cock, leaving it to support itself between us, showing it off. My hands return to her compact tits, smearing and pushing them. Her hand grabs my cock. Slides down to the base. It feels nothing like my own hand. It’s so much better. “That’s a bony bone.” “I’ll bone you with it.” “I’d like that.” “Let’s see if you’re ready.”

I’m thinking no-hands stick-in. But River reaches for my cock. Rubs her clit with it. She's confident, too. And I like being her sex toy. “You can do that as long as you want.” “But I’m greedy.” She dips my cock down, the head lodging in that familiar place. I push, clearing the lips. And we fuck.

The word cunt has been on my mind. I only use that word when I mean it. I mean it now. “Your cunt feels nice today. It’s a cunty cunt.” “Yes, it is.”

River gets the fuck she deserves as I bone her with full long strokes of my hard cock, from her lips, through the improbable spot at her pussy entrance, deep into her cunt. When I come my whole body goes stiff, my legs leave the bed, I’m grabbing her, she’s holding me up with her pubic bone, until I’m spent and fall back limp. There’s not even an afterfuck tonight. I just gasp for breath and slowly soften until I feel her squeeze reflex trying to push me out.

I must be satiated. It’s been days and I haven’t needed to fuck.


  1. I love your stuff, from content to writing style. Entertaining, inspirational, hot, sweet, real.

  2. Gorgeously sexy and lovely! I love the fact that you suddenly realize you can 'make something happen'
    And then you certainly do...

    1. I should realize that more often, huh? Oh wait, don't answer that!