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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Every other time

I’ve only been coming about every other time lately. Sometimes every time, sometimes every third time, sometimes every other time. I’m getting used to it. It’s actually kind of nice. I like the feeling it leaves me with. Like I’m on a hair trigger. A pleasant pressure in my balls. More easily arousable. A good feeling for a guy with some ED.

We had a nice afternoon fuck a few days ago. We were 19-year old guy on experienced woman. I came easily, for a change. In character. The next night I was wanting more but River was sleepy. Around 1am she gets up to pee. I snuggle on her when she gets back. She falls asleep quickly. I slowly get hard. Very slowly. My cock brushing her leg should be enough. But I reach down. Feel my rubbery glans with my thumb. Pull the shaft. It helps, but not enough.

She’s wearing panties and a cute black nightie. Unusual. We normally sleep naked. Her period may be about to start. I feel for a pad. Nothing. I finger her through the cotton. The soft ring of her asshole is my landmark. Up to her labia. I’ve got visions of slipping her panties out of her crack and slipping my cock in. The thought should get me hard. But I’m still just halfway there. My fingers work the fabric aside. Feel for her wetness. Her labia thwart me. Delicious and thick. But thwarting. Is this why some women get labia reduction surgery? I’ll take delicious and thick, thanks. They feel nice. They look nice. Especially from behind, under her ass, her legs slightly parted.

There it is. Wet. My finger circles through the varying textures. Smooth. Soft. Firm. Rough. My cock stiffens. I sit to position myself. River wakes up. Rolls onto her side. I’m adaptable. She lies. I sit. Her hand pulls her panties down over her ass. My finger guides my cock into her. I push. But it won’t go. Thwarted again. She reaches down, spreads her lips for me. Accepts me. And we fuck.

Or I fuck. Fuck her. She moans and pushes her ass back against me. I breathe deep and push in, the head of my cock popping in and out of her pussy opening. Right where it feels best. My hands and fingers slip under her nightie, trace over the silky skin of her back and ass as we fuck. I pull her against me. Build up and fall back. Her ass pressing against me as my cock humps into her, between her softly fuzzy lips, into the wet.

I won’t finish. That’s ok. I’ve gotten used to it. I still like it. Like having a sweetie to fuck. Like how it feels, emotionally and physically. Love and pleasure. Before, during, and after.


  1. Man, I could have written this post from the opposite POV. We have similar middle of the night sex. And D also doesn't come every time. Not ED, but delayed ejaculation, or something like that. Regardless, this is a delicious description.

  2. Wow, that is really hot. We don't do much night time fucking - but you make it sounds too delicious not to...
    Yes its strange that a woman might want to have labia reduction - I mean what's so unsexy about big labia! Quite the opposite!
    Sorry what is ED?

  3. Erectile Dysfunction, formerly known by the less PC name "impotence". Happened fairly quickly after my vasectomy which I don't think is a coincidence. I don't have it too bad, but erections are harder to get (I now have to "get" them, rather than just having them happen), not as hard, and I can actually lose them, which was previously unimaginable! Fortunately, "getting" an erection can be a rather pleasant thing . . . although not getting a good one can be frustrating.

  4. Erectile Dysfunction, of course! How damn stupid of me! If you do cum do you cum as quickly as you did before? Or has that changed aswell?
    My husband suffers from (same as Liza's) delayed ejaculation which is improving. Occasionally I think I am over demanding for sex and every now and again he goes soft. It happened a few nights ago and he deliciously said "Get to it! Make yourself busy!' So I did and we were able to resume what we were doing...
    Sounds like things are going ok for you though ; )

  5. Quickly? Ouch. Let's just say I come/cum/orgasm/shoot off in the same time it took before. Except I'm currently on an SSRI which is also prescribed for premature ejaculation. I feel a post about that cumming on. And the particulars of my ED, too. Sometimes I wonder if I'm "normal" now and I used to be some kind of super-stud :-)

    If you're interested, my old blog has a few accounts of me intentionally finishing in under a minute. That was before the SSRI.

  6. I await your next post cumming soon with interest... ; )
    Will check out your old blog aswell...to get some background...